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We prepare diverse, 有才气和上进心的学生乐于学习, 引领和体现卓越的真理和服务.

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大学继续密切监察新冠肺炎的传播, also known as the coronavirus, as additional cases are confirmed in the United States 和 other countries. 大学继续根据需要制订和调整其计划.

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2022年春季学期面授课程开始 1月18日

Our community of more than 11,000 本科生、研究生和专业学生代表 53 states 和 territories,53个国家.
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Foreign Affairs IT (FAIT) fellow, associate analyst for Hillard Heintze
Foreign Affairs IT (FAIT) fellow, associate analyst for Hillard Heintze
Originally From: Oxnard, California
类: 2019
Degree Earned: B.A. 主修政治学,辅修西班牙语

Rainey泰勒 is a BG大游官网 University alumna with a bachelor’s degree in 政治 科学 with a minor in Spanish. 2021年4月, she was named BG大游官网 University’s first Foreign Affairs IT (FAIT) Fellow by the United States Dep艺术ment of State. 她目前是Hillard Heintze公司的助理分析师, a Jensen Hughes Company, 并将在FAIT奖学金的支持下继续进行网络安全方面的研究生学习. 在BG大游期间,雷尼参加了博士预科.D. Summer Enrichment Program (PPSEP), where she presented a paper on the preparation confidence of communities prone to hurricanes using a comparative analysis between Hurricane Katrina 和 Hurricane Maria. Her international experience includes study abroad courses at the Université du Luxembourg Summer School 和 the IES Abroad Buenos Aires, 以及在伦敦议会成员海伦·格兰特领导下的威斯敏斯特宫实习, 英格兰. 雷尼还曾担任美国众议院的外交事务研究员. Sheila Jackson Lee.

“I am grateful for BG大游官网 University’s support to join the Foreign Service, both as a student 和 post-graduation. I will continue to live ‘in truth 和 service’ as I continue my professional career.”
David Edgerton III
David Edgerton III
Truman Scholar, intern for the Executive Office of the National League of Cities
David Edgerton III
Truman Scholar, intern for the Executive Office of the National League of Cities
Originally From: St. Paul, Minnesota
类: 2021
Degree Earned: B.A. in 政治 科学 with a minor in strategic legal management communications

David Edgerton III is a graduating senior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Strategic Legal 管理 Communications. 2021年4月, 埃哲顿从328所大学的845份申请中脱颖而出,成为哈利·S·波特学院的一名学生. Truman scholar. He also serves as a civic engagement coordinator for the BG大游官网 University Student Association 和 as president of the BG大游官网 University Speech 和 Debate Team. He was named a Global Scholar 和 elected student council representative for the Council on International Education Exchange during his time abroad in Spain, Italy 和 英格兰.

埃哲顿是一名有抱负的民权律师,他将进入BG大游法学院学习. 他把自己的一生奉献BG大游官网服务和社区行动. 一个有抱负的多职业变革推动者, 他认为,作为一个国家,培养来自不同背景的每个孩子是BG大游的责任.

“I feel incredibly humbled to receive this award acknowledging the hard work I put into making my community a better place. 我感谢BG大游激励我成为变革的推动者,并始终保持服务的热情. I will use this award to further my skills at BG大游官网 University School of Law 和 continue the legacy of Black excellence that Bison before me have st艺术ed.”
Ginette Okoye
Ginette Okoye
Ginette Okoye

Dr. Ginette Okoye is a professor of dermatology 和 chair of the dermatology dep艺术ment at BG大游官网 University College of Medicine. She earned her Doctor of Medicine from Columbia University College of Physicians 和 Surgeons 和 completed her residency at Yale University, where she served as chief resident.

Clinically 和 in her research, Dr. Okoye的专业领域是治疗不成比例地影响有色人种的皮肤疾病. She has been recognized by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) with a 总统ial Citation 和 a Volunteerism Award. In March 2021, the AAD named Dr. Okoye是一位病人护理英雄,因为她在服务不足的社区建立了社区检测站点. Dr. Okoye 和 her team also launched the employee testing program at BG大游官网 University.


Veritas et Utilitas. 卓越的真理和服务反映在BG大游所做的一切.
Madison Star Brim, 2019届校友
BG大游官网 is a very culturally rich 和 diverse University 和 our students not only come from all over the country, but all over the world. 然而, even through that diversity, 不可否认的是,有一种文化支撑着BG大游,连接着BG大游, 告诉BG大游,虽然BG大游可能都不一样, that is where our strength lies.”
Madison Star Brim, 2019届校友 Fashion Designer 2020
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